Data Consulate

This was my first gig as an engineer during and after college. The startup was born out of a direct mail house. We would receive customer lists for campaigns and we built an application to upload these lists, sanitize them through common address filters, and then offer a platform for our customers to get their clean data and send email campaigns.

Stuff that I did...

  • Implemented an agile development process for the first time.
  • Got my first experience leading a team, with 3 engineers.
  • Built out an in-house ESP and quickly learned the rules of spam and domain authority 😅
  • Ran on-site product demos, seminars, and took support calls. Learned a lot about myself.

This work really helped me learn how to build at every level. Teams, processes, code, hosting, design, and product. Very grateful for the experience at such an early stage in my career!