Acquired in 2017 by Phillips Pet Food & Supply and renamed

In 2015, PetFlow underwent a leadership change and our overall strategy shifted from chasing high-powered growth to cash flow positivity. At this time, I headed up the engineering organization in an official capacity and focused on scaling our infrastructure, iterating on our core features, and preparing for our eventual acquisition.

Stuff that I did...

  • Really learned how to use Terraform and migrated the stack to it, creating a true sense of immutability. One of my favorite projects ever. 🔥
  • Got to know the ins and outs of just about every AWS service circa 2017. Covered a lot of gaps in knowledge about how the internet works at a low level.
  • Went through a few existential crises about whether or not I wanted to be a manager or an individual contributor.
  • Worked closely with our team, external auditors, and a bunch of other folks while going through diligence in an acquisition. Fun, stressful, and super rewarding.

Your infrastructure should never get in the way of innovation. It should complement and exponentiate the value you create for your customers. While boring technology works really well, sometimes a cool thing comes along (like Terraform) that is worth taking a risk on!