After PetFlow was acquired, it was turned into a "digital innovation lab" called PHIDO. We were tasked with bringing our flavor of modern technology to a vertical (the pet space) that, as a whole, lagged behind.

My first and major product launch was called Endless Aisles.

With the launch, we found both a physical and digital presence behind the counter of 1000+ pet retailers across the country. This B2B, multi-tenant SaaS platform enabled retailers to use our fulfillment network on their websites or behind the counter in their own stores.

I was responsible for seeing this product to market, assisting with its inception, design, product, development, and launch. We had a great stack and team that made it easy to launch in under 3 months.

Stuff I that did...

  • Built out Shopify integrations and learned a great deal about the ups and downs of its app ecosystem.
  • Doubled our engineering team 🏃🏃🏃
  • Launched a public-facing API for 3rd party retailers to integrate with.
  • Figured out how to be a maker-manager.

No better feeling than building something new that people love to use.